Comcast Phone Number: Your Line to Xfinity

Comcast Phone Number: Your Line to XfinityNow you can have  the Comcast phone service, cable internet access and digital cable TV all rolled into one neat package. Yes, Comcast takes home entertainment to the next level through its Xfinity triple-play services.

Comcast Phone: Your line to better services

Comcast Phone Number: Your Line to XfinityComcast created Xfinity (from the phrases infinite content choices and cross-platform feature)  as a way of saying thanks to its 50 million subscribers who are  responsible for half of Comcast’s $55.842 billion USD annual revenue. Xfinity is now the carrier brand of Comcast’s top services: the Comcast Phone, cable TV and internet are now known as Xfinity Voice,  Xfinity TV and Xfinity internet, respectively.

Since Comcast wants to give you value for your money, they bundled these three home entertainment services for your utmost enjoyment. Now you don’t have to pay  separate bills for the Comcast phone, cable TV and internet. You only pay one bill for whatever package you choose. You can even make your payments through their online portal. A really cool thing, right?

Enjoy the Comcast phone, internet and cable TV all day long

Xfinity Voice
Comcast offers two types of telephone services: Xfinity Voice Unlimited and Xfinity Voice Local. They offer a relatively competitive price for their services which are $29.99 and $34.95 a month respectively. Xfinity Voice is the chosen phone service provider of 8.4 million Americans. Of course you can get service from  other carriers but you might end up paying more. At least with Xfinity Voice you’ll get excellent service but with a much lesser fee. For more details, just contact the Comcast Phone number.Comcast Phone Number: Your Line to Xfinity

Xfinity TV
Subscribing to Xfinity’s digital cable TV will surely give you and your loved ones precious bonding moments as you watch your fave shows together.  Enjoy their featured movie channels for sports, weather, cooking, news, reality shows, music and more!

Follow the events as they unfold in The Walking Dead TV series or watch your favorite action films in Action Max. Learn how to cook sumptuous dishes in Food Network.

Xfinity digital cable TV comes in three different packages. Digital Economy  has 45+ channels is priced at $29.95 a month. Digital Starter with more than 80 channels costs about $39.99 monthly. Digital Preferred package has over 160 channels and is available on a $49.99 per month subscription. You can call Xfinity at Comcast contact number 1-800-266-2278 to ask about these awesome packages.

Comcast Phone Number: Your Line to XfinityXfinity Internet
Internet access has never been so cool  as Xfinity gives you access to faster internet speeds. Yes, the World Wide Web will never be the same again.  With Xfinity Internet, you’ll be able to download/upload music, photos and files like never before. And yes, you can do all of these even when the whole family is simultaneously online on different computers. Check them online or call Comcast to ask about their spectacular quartet internet offers.

The best services are just a Comcast Phone number away!

So why settle for less when you can have more from just a single package? With Comcast’s triple play, you’ll have the Comcast phone service, cable TV and internet at a much affordable price.

So what are you waiting for? Call the Comcast Telephone Number now to start enjoying the latest technologies right at the heart of your home.

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