Comcast contact number for Subscriber Issues

The vastly established corporate empire of Ralph J. Roberts, Daniel Aaron and Julian A. Brodsky – Comcast – provides a substantial number of services to the American people. That includes cable TV, internet, telephone and news media services. This  management team at Comcast has been giving quality services to their consumers ever since they started . Since they always take things a step further, they have setup call centers to handle customer’s needs long before they saw the need for it. Dozens of Comcast contact number are set up for you to call 24/7,  depending on your concern.

Another plus factor for  Comcast: their assets were gained through mergers, purchasing of shares and acquisitions which means that an effective customer care department has already existed even before the dream team became part of Comcast.

Comcast contact number

Comcast contact number

If you have any question about your cable, internet or telephone service, just call the Comcast telephone number at  1-800-266-2278 for Xfinity support. Of course there are other numbers for Comcast corporate office, technical and customer support, but the Xfinity contact number will suffice since they can just reroute your call to other departments should you need it. Rest assured that you can contact them for whatever issues you encounter with any of the services they provide.

Overwhelming number of subscribers

The highest earning assets of Comcast is the Xfinity telecommunications services having 18.74 million broadband subscribers, over 200,000 cable TV subscribers and 9.7 million telephone subscribers. They have a net revenue of $15.21 billion and an operating income of $3.08 billion.

However, Comcast may need to upgrade its cable TV services because it is losing its customers to companies that offer satellite TV which are now gaining tens of millions of customers all over the United States. If you are wish, you may address your inquiries to the Xfinity Comcast contact number.

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NCBUniversal and other media subsidiaries

Comcast also owns NBCUniversal and has a substantial holding on other media networks including E! Entertainment, Golf Channel, G4, Style Network, ESPNU, thePlatform, Tech TV and the U.S. Olympic Network. Comcast’s total assets as of 2011 have reached a staggering $157.81 billion and a net revenue of $55.842 billion. That should translate to a lot of phone calls from customers across the U.S. on the Comcast contact number.

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Based on history, companies who gave efficient customer service had the most satisfied consumers. This is exactly the reason why Comcast stands out from the rest-  by giving its users top quality customer service that is second to none.

Roberts, Aaron and Brodsky started the company back in 1963 but they are not resting on their laurels. They keep on planning for the benefit of their consumers. Future plans to increase  Comcast‘s  performance  for its cable TV service  to expand the already established three HD channels per QAM carrier (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) is already being discussed. However, plans to evolve into a satellite TV provider like Direct TV and Dish Network isn’t clear yet.

But one thing is clear- their loyal customers will use the Comcast contact number for any offerings they will have in the future.