Comcast Performance Internet: The Pros and Cons

Comcast Performance InternetIn this modern world, the Internet is already one of the necessities in life. We have become dependent on the wireless connection for so much of our everyday deals. Government deals, business enterprises, legal transactions, academic work – much of countries’ economic progress today can be linked with the connection we have through this global network. Everyone from the business executive setting up meetings, to the grandfather playing games and commenting on their grandchildren’s Facebook pages, to the four-year old’s who already know how to search for videos in YouTube use the Internet constantly.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that businesses offer promotions for their services. This article provides a side-to-side comparison of the different internet service providers in different parts of the continent. Users don’t just go for the cheapest fee anymore, now they want the fastest and most reliable Internet connection for the best value they could buy. Internet service providers, such as Comcast Performance Internet, therefore keep increasing the service speed and download speed plans, and offering them at an affordable price. Luckily, a quick search on the Internet can give your comparisons and reviews of different companies you can choose from. With Comcast’s offers of high- definition cable television, digital telephone, and high-speed Internet services, the company aims to give their best to their customers.

Before subscribing to their services, here’s what you should know about Comcast Performance Internet to help you make your decision:



  1. Affordable Price

You can get Comcast Performance Internet for as low as $39.99 per month for the first twelve months. With this price, you can get up to 25 mbps downloads and 5 mbps upload. For twenty dollars more, you can get Comcast Blast, which was upgraded just last month to go twice as fast. Comcast Blast Speed can go up to download speeds of 105 mbps for $59.99 per month. Costumers also have the option not to get a contract, which they will be able to cancel anytime.


  1. Added Security

The Comcast Internet Security would cost $360 if purchased by itself, but Comcast offers Constant Guard at no additional cost for Xfinity internet customers. You can read more about Comcast additional offers by visiting the Xfinity home page using this link. As the most comprehensive online protection for any major Internet provider, Constant Guard includes password protection and identity guard to help safeguard from identity theft. It also has additional Comcast Virus Protection through Norton™ Security Suite to protect against virus and online threats.


  1. Free Entertainment

Aside from the activities that users can do online, Comcast Performance Internet also comes with offers of free games that can be played online. These Comcast games vary from arcade, strategy, card and word games suited for both kids and adults.



  1. Speed Depends On Location

As what is usual with Internet providers, the speed of Internet subscription depends on the area. Some may have excellent service that you can stream movies without buffering, while on others even just sending an email can be a source of a headache. There have also been reported incidents of down Internet connection of an average of twice a year.


  1. Negative Public Feedback

Comcast Internet Reviews online have been lacking, and the few you find online may actually convince you not to subscribe to their service. Some of these reviews say that even though Wi-Fi connection is pretty stable and reliable, the monthly payment will cost you if you are don’t subscribe to their television service as well. Some even talk of bill charges going up to twice the amount.


There are advantages and disadvantages to getting Comcast Performance Internet, but you can read long-time users talking of how many years they have had their subscription to Comcast and how they like their services, or better yet, you can call this Comcast telephone number to ask all your questions before making your decision to sign-up with them or look for another service provider.