The Advantages of Comcast Call Forwarding

Comcast call forwarding featureWhen you have important phone calls that you are waiting for, such as calls from business associates, clients, customers, or even personal calls from family members, friends, or loved ones, you will try as much as possible to be available to answer their call especially if the party who will be calling has stated a specific time. Sometimes, however, there is no specific time indicated for an important call, or you simply have other important things to do and can not wait all day for the phone to ring. This is exactly why the Comcast call forwarding feature was added as another optional service on your telephone.

Why Would you Need the Comcast Call Forwarding Feature?

Subscribers who have Comcast call forwarding activated already are able to configure this service to fit their needs and make it very convenient for them to be able to answer important phone calls or return calls even when they are not at home or the office. The call forward feature is very easy to set up, and allows the subscriber to immediately transfer all or selected calls to another number where he can pick up, even a mobile phone. You can visit this page if you’re interested to learn more about the technical aspects of how call forwarding works.

You can forward incoming calls to your mobile phone so important calls will not be missed. Also, this can be very conveniently done by pressing a few numbers on your Comcast handset, or by going to the website. You can choose to forward all phone calls, or forward only calls from a selected group of people such as family, friends, or business associates.

This Comcast call forwarding feature is an important tool to use if you run a business or enterprise and are constantly on the go, but you do not have a dedicated staff person or assistant to take care of incoming calls. If you do not want to miss any important calls from clients, customers, or business partners, forwarding calls to your mobile phone or another phone that is more accessible to you is a great business tool.

If you will be out of town for a few days but prefer not to miss some or all incoming calls, Comcast call forwarding will help you stay in the loop and on top of calls. For instance, you may be travelling on business and would like to still be able to receive calls from your staff, or from a select group of clients or customers that prefer to do business directly with you. The call forward feature is also useful for parents or guardians who are traveling a lot and would want calls from teachers, the school district, or other important people to go to their mobile phone.

Another advantage of the call forward feature is you do not have to give your personal mobile phone number or alternative landline number to everyone. Should you need assistance in activating this feature, you can always dial the this Comcast telephone number or the Comcast 1800 number found here to get a customer service representative to assist you.